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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a place with a different dimension? Would things constantly stay in place, or would they move around?

,Well here's what I think,

1d= ?

2d= height, width

3d= height, width, depth

4d= ?

Ok, let's try 1d. From what we see, it seems like every dimension you go increases with one more "measurement" so, since we're going backward it's taking away a measurement. So if we eliminate height we're left with width but since this line ( - ) has height we have to assume it is a pointing space. (not literally space)

and the same principle would occur for taking away width.

So that answers 1 dimension, but what about 4 dimensional?

4 dimensional would technically be a square inside a square because you would go from point, to square, to cube, to a tesseract/hpercube